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Life - A collection of moments  

A very special THANK YOU  goes out to my dear friends  - to you who share your experiences

make me think show love support my ideas 

AND MEAN SO MUCH TO ME because you are who you are

 You know who you are

Your smartness, the listening for hours, the love, the friendship over the decades and years is beyond everything

NOTHING can be achieved alone.

You all are inspirational to me

I want to thank last but not least and very especially

my dear sister for being my ROCK & for encouraging

my MOM for her unconditonally love, critically feedbacks and #workforce

and my beloved



Couldn't be prouder of you. Your Art Creativity Opinions WorkEthics is OUTStanding

Your mind and soul shine & breath love and art.

#Family4Ever  - to all > thank you.

Jimmy - thank you for being my #heartsfamily amazing wonderful f r i e n d.

Cant thank you enough.

Eileen -& Ron - love you!

Steve - thank you! #Friends4Life!

Herr Groskopf - DANKE!