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Singer Songwriter



Close Up Rocks


AUGUST 20, 2018

"The overriding theme of the album seems to be loss and death. The album’s bookends are ‘King Death’ and ‘Spirit Trail’ the title track. They are, in vastly different ways, about the end of life, at least as we know and perceive it.

The other songs are primarily about loss, fear and a reaction to those moments and they’re real reactions. I experienced everything on the album lyrically, apart from ‘King Death’ which is a fantastique kind of thing; an open letter from Death himself giving examples of how he takes us at the end body and soul. I had fun with that one too"

Rob Palladino

Interview with Celebrity Rock Star

Journalist Eileen Shapiro

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Jan,18 2019




Rob Palladino


March 30, 2017

'Half the Time' cover art concept by Rob Palladino

Rob Palladino

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Cover Art 'Half The Time' Concept by Rob Palladino

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Cover Art for Spirit Trail 

" ONE EYE CRYING by Andrea Pramuk UK © Andrea Pramuk.

Photo of Rob Palladino: Clare Pieretti