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Bee #CloseUpRocks

design & quality management thats suits your artistic expression


Founded by

 Sabine "Bee" Claudia Strauscheidt


Located Bonn Germany.

Work submitted to globally.



what we do

music pr | operations management | design


we rock

media kits &  content & webdesigns

EPKS are our special

we promote music

we manage artists

get your brand . music . idea . established . with us


for designs & media projects we run 


 all ideas inspired by our great nature

how we work

 honest - strong work ethics - fair pricings - diligently - on point 

your music brand idea is safe with us



 we aim for

meeting our clients expectations 

designs & quality management
that suits your artistic expression   

  emotions look feel


what makes us special?

  35years of experience
Formely Freelancer at TV and Youth Radio

we believe in kindness

great communication stkills

we dont rush - we schedule in time

we reflect & try to grow our knowledge best & always

 If not with us for any reason - let's communicate & find a way

all publishings are rechecked personally to avoid any inconveniences

 © rules!     

we are here for you 

in short terms > we love what we do & we value & respect our clients  

"You not only work hard -you work smart.I like that!"

(Thank you Floyd A. Smith, Fifth Dimension,

for this great complimen t!)





Especially for emerging artists we provide affordable 

#StepByStepPlans and we go with your possibilie

fair and individual pricings

Close-up, Clean,"Unplugged"

make your dream happen

look no further - get in touch

english | german fluently

Programming Note:

Stay tuned 

for our own #FlamingoSpecials #Podcast #CLOSEUps

Quick Info:

for you who are interested in our recent graphics works:

NOT all is always online as work needs 

time space creativity to grow.

As soon all is done- be ready for amazing results being showcased.